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Shed Abdominal Fat

Imagine how efficiently your delicate cell machinery operated in youth.

Young cells cleanse themselves of waste through a process that is highly dependent on an enzyme called AMPK.

Normal aging diminishes AMPK activity.

One toxic result is accumulation of cellular debris that interferes with vital cellular function.

AMPK deficit is also associated with excess cell proliferation.

Maturing people do not want excess cell proliferation. Rapidly dividing cells lead to greater DNA mutations along with buildup of arterial plaque and abdominal adiposity.

When AMPK is activated, it suppresses cell proliferation. This has powerful implications in the prevention of malignanciesatherosclerosis and obesity.

Activating AMPK also helps clear cells of “debris” that clogs their metabolic activity.

Reducing Abdominal Fat

Reducing Abdominal Fat

Boosting AMPK is one
component of a program
involving calorie control
and physical activity
aimed at reducing
abdominal fat stores.

AMPK deficit manifests outwardly as stored body fat, especially in the abdomen.

Boosting AMPK activity can remove fat by:

  • Inhibiting triglyceride synthesis
  • Inhibiting fatty-acid synthesis
  • Inhibiting adipocyte (fat cell) proliferation
  • Facilitating fat burning for energy
  • Promoting healthy oxidation of fatty acids
  • Improving insulin sensitivity
  • Suppressing glucose synthesis in the liver

When AMPK is activated it forces cells to utilize stored fats.

Protecting Against Malignancies

Some studies have shown that activated AMPK turns on genes that suppress malignant cell transformation while promoting healthy longevity.

AMPK activation is a glucose-lowering mechanism of metformin. Metformin has been associated with 30%lower cancer incidence.

We know that insulin resistance, obesity, and excess blood glucose increase cancer risk and reduce longevity.

Anti-Aging Effects of AMPK

Anti-Aging Effects of AMPK

This special edition of Life Extension Magazine® describes a new way to increase cellular AMPK.

When this happens, it turns on a process called autophagy, which is a natural way our cells cleanse themselves of metabolic waste.

In response to increased AMPK activity, there is a better opportunity to reduce abdominal fat.

Natural Relief From Chronic Pain

The news about pain-relieving drugs keeps getting worse.

2017 study reveals that even short term use of drugs like ibuprofenincreases risk of heart attack by 48%. Regular ibuprofen use results in a 32% greater risk of kidney damage.

Controlling chronic pain is essential to life quality. But risking addiction, sudden heart attack or organ failure is a devastating consequence.


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