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Metabolism and Organic Acid Testing

Metabolism & Organic Acid Testing

This Metabolic Analysis Profile assesses urine metabolites in order to evaluate four critical areas of metabolism: gastrointestinal function, cellular energy production, abnormal yeast or bacterial growth, neurotransmitter processing, and amino acid/organic acid balance as influenced by vitamin/mineral cofactors. Results can be used to address many conditions ranging from fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and mood disorders to headaches, muscular/joint pain, weight gain, and digestive problems.


  • Over 95 important compounds as indicators of overall health
  • Detects yeast and bacterial byproducts that have been implicated in many disorders
  • Requires a first morning urine sample only

Some of the Analytes Include:

Adipic Acid Alanine Ammonia
Antimony Arabinose Arachidic
Arginine Asparagine Aspartic Acid
Behenic Benzoic Beta-alanine
Benzoic/Hippuric Acid Cadmium Carnosine
Cis-Aconitic Acid Citramalic Acid Citric Acid
Citrulline CoQ10 Copper
Creatinine Cystathionine Cysteine
Cystine Docosahexaenoic Eicosadienoic
Elaidic Ethanolamine Formiminoglutamic Acid
Gamma-linolenic Gamma-aminobutyric Acid Glucose
Glutamic Acid Glutamine Glutaric Acid
Glutathione Glycine Gondoic
Hippuric Histidine Homogentisic Acid
Homovanillic Acid Indoleacetic Acid Isocitric
Isoleucine Lactic Acid Lead
Leucine Lignoceric Linoleic
Magnesium Mercury Methionine
Ornithine Orotic Acid Palmitic
Phenylalanine Phosphoserine Potassium
Proline Pyroglutamic Acid Pyruvic Acid
Sarcosine Selenium Serine
Stearic Suberic Acid Taurine
Threonine Tin Tricosanoic
Vaccenic Valine Zinc
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