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Prenatal Screening/Fertility Testing

Prenatal Screening/Fertility Testing

The main concept with this type of testing is to screen the woman who is considering getting pregnant before she begins to TRY to get pregnant.

For Females: 28 day menstrual analysis via saliva hormone testing (over 1 menstrual cycle). This tests helps ensure that a woman has a normal hormone release over her menstrual cycle and confirms good balanced ratios of Estrogen/Progesterone.

Otherwise, women who plan to childbear should ensure that their bodies are free of toxicants that can harm the unborn fetus in development. This prenatal panel includes toxins that are harmful to the fetus such as: organophosphates, Chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, volatile solvents, BisPhenol A (BPA in plastic bottles), phthalates, and parabens. Also, the expecting mother should have a good nutrient status (i.e. Vitamins, minerals), proper detoxification mechanisms, and antioxidant reserves.

See Heavy Metal/Toxin Testing; Vitamin & micronutrient Testing; Metabolism and Organic Acid Testing for more information of testing utilized in prenatal screening.

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