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Melissa Altman


Melissa Altman grew up wanting to be a nurse like her mother. She earned a nursing degree from the University of South Carolina and has now been a Registered Nurse for 26 years. In 2017 she became certified as a Holistic Health Coach through Health Coach Institute. In 2018, she became a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through Functional Medicine University.

In 2011, she developed a collection of symptoms that conventional doctors couldn’t diagnose. All their tests came up negative and she was left to deal with and research the problem on her own. Melissa Altman eventually found our practice where Dr. Lovegrove diagnosed her with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and through natural treatments, she began to improve almost immediately. She credits Dr. Lovegrove and his functional/holistic medicine training with having saved the quality of her life. “If I hadn’t found him when I did, I know my health would have just continued to decline and I would have eventually been taking a pill for every symptom. God brought me here and I know it”. Melissa welcomed a holistic lifestyle and the healing that came with it. Within a couple of months, she has weaned off all her medications and hasn’t needed so much as a Tylenol since. She uses supplements, natural hormones, and essential oils to stay healthy and can help you learn to find your path to healing and wellness too.

Having 26 years of experience seeing the result of chronic illnesses without lifestyle changes, she has become part of a revolution to educate those who want to learn how to live thriving, healthier lives enjoying the freedom that comes with it. She started a private health coaching practice in 2017 and shortly thereafter joined our team of practitioners. She is eager to help you discover how great you can feel when your body has what it needs.

Melissa will help you discover what’s holding you back and how to realize your goals…how to get healthy and stay that way.
Her special interests are autoimmune disorders, weight management, recovering from chronic illnesses, aging well, and helping you avoid the pitfalls of the conventional health care model.

Melissa is a wife and mother with 4 grandchildren. who loves being outside, walking, running, biking. She also enjoys yoga and rebounding when the weather doesn’t’ allow quality outdoor time. She also enjoys public speaking about natural health initiatives and educating children on better lifestyle choices.