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Resveratrol Linked to Lower Glucose Levels

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The results of a meta-analysis published in Nutrition & Metabolism add evidence to an association between supplementing with resveratrol and improved management of type II diabetes.*

For their analysis, Ling Li of Southeast University and associates selected nine randomized, controlled trials involving a total of 283 type II diabetics. They compared levels of glucose, insulin and other factors among participants who received resveratrol to those who received a placebo or to a control group of diabetics.

The analysis concluded that resveratrol supplementation was associated with significantly reduced insulin levels and insulin resistance. Fasting plasma glucose was reduced by an average of 5.2 mg/dL among those who received resveratrol compared to placebo or control groups.

Editor’s Note: Further analysis determined that only 100 mg or higher doses of resveratrol were associated with lower glucose levels.

Elevated fasting insulin often precedes diagnosis of type II diabetes by years or decades. Resveratrolexerts several beneficial mechanisms to help improve insulin sensitivity.



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