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What’s Really In Coconut Water? Plus, 7 Health Benefits!

Coconut water refers to the clear liquid found inside young green fresh coconuts. Coconut water has been enjoyed for centuries by communities that have come to live on and rely upon coconuts for their incredible nutritional benefits. Today, the beverage has become a popular drink in modern society all over the globe for many of […]

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Are You Taking Adaptogens? 6 Things You Should Consider

Is a smoothie even worth drinking if it’s not busting stress, boosting focus, elevating energy and polishing our pores all at the same time? Not to us! We pack as many functional ingredients at as we can into each whirl of the blender. As interest in adaptogens and functional herbs has reached a fever pitch, […]

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8 Amazing Natural Beauty Swaps When You’re Going Green

Being environmentally and ethically conscious when it comes to beauty often conjures thoughts of prohibitively expensive products or “at home beauty hacks” leaving you with a collection of mason jars filled with good intentions. Don’t worry, these aren’t your only options! It’s frustrating that the majority of easily accessible cosmetic and beauty brands on the […]

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Join The Food Waste Revolution

While we often don’t think about it, every day we contribute to Australia’s food waste by under preparing, overshopping, and, essentially not considering the impact of wasting edible food. Luckily, there are many simple ways to reduce our contribution to waste and many creative minds working to solve food wastage on a larger scale. Innovation, […]

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10 Organic Brands To Detoxify Your Beauty Cabinet!

Keeping with the theme of all things related to beauty, we bring you 10 of our favorite brands to help you detox your beauty cabinet. Beauty really is skin deep, and when it comes to keeping your body healthy, it’s a process that happens from the inside out. These days there are so many brands […]

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Healthier Alternatives To Plastic Tupperware

When tupperware launched in the 1940’s, it created a food storage revolution. Durable, airtight and ultra-convenient, tupperware quickly become a kitchen essential. The trouble is, plastic containers don’t just last for their limited lifetimes in the kitchen. Once created, plastics are here to stay on Mother Earth for good. They may be downcycled or recycled […]

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What Nature Does To Your Body

“Yeah, yeah, Nature’s great. I know all about it,” a friend remarked to me while perusing emails on their smartphone. “Do you?” I asked, “Because I didn’t know all about it…..” I didn’t realize how “great” Nature really is until I embarked on the project of co-authoring Your Brain on Nature (Wiley, 2012) with Naturopath, Dr. […]

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4 Plants To Have In Your Home To Make You Happier

It’s no secret that plants are an essential component of our survival. They provide us with food, fiber, building materials, and medicine. Plants also have a direct influence on our well-being in their capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to clean oxygen; which is a pretty handy trick in our heavily polluted, over […]

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Is Organic Gardening The New Way To Save The Planet?

Organic gardens have the ability to save the planet. This method of growing food has been found to minimize the effects of global warming, increase the nutrition of the produce grown, and decrease our reliance on harmful food production practices. What makes organic gardens so special? How can you begin your own backyard organic garden? […]

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‘Less Meat, Less Heat’: Could Changing Your Diet Save The Planet?

When we choose the types of foods that we eat, we are often thinking about what would be the healthiest choices for our bodies. While this is perfectly acceptable and the best thing we can be doing for our own health, it is also important to consider the impact our food choices are having on […]

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