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Artificial Pancreas: The Future of Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is the dis-regulation of blood sugar of glucose in the blood. There is Type 1 Diabetes, which begins in childhood and is a failure to the pancreas to make enough Insulin to regulate the sugar in the blood particularly after eating. This can cause a host of symptoms and severe illness, and even coma. […]

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Four Cups of Coffee a Day Could Decrease Mortality

A recently released study from Spain involving 19,986 coffee drinkers is music to the ears of countless millions of people on earth that drink coffee. The research followed participants for 14 years, and found that an average of four cups a day could reduce the likelihood of early death by as much as 60+%. This […]

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Water Systems in the US are Contaminated with Lead

Problem: One would have to have been living under a rock not to know of the massive poisoning of Thousands of people in Flint, Michigan with excessive levels of lead in the water system (see the attached paper on lead chelation). However, in what has become one of the most egregious undercover deception in all the […]

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Nutritional Supplementation for Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the US and around the world. While there is great controversy as to why so many people are plagued by this disorder, that fact is that it is now an epidemic. Essentially diabetes is a lack of control of blood glucose levels, usually due to inadequate […]

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Pet Therapy

Pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy, is an underutilized alternative healing modality, but one with growing interest. Assisted living facilities, hospitals, schools and universities, mental health facilities, and addiction centers are quickly understanding the therapeutic value of this inexpensive, yet effective adjunct therapy. A calm pet can provide a distraction from an unpleasant procedure […]

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New study demonstrates a multivitamin can help improve symptoms in children with ADHD

According to a study published two weeks ago in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, researchers demonstrated that supplementation with a multivitamin/mineral formula can help improve aggression and emotional regulation in children with ADHD. This was the first randomized, placebo controlled trial of children with ADHD who were not on medication. In this study, 93 children […]

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Is There a Beneficial Role for the “Anti-nutrient” Phytic Acid?

It’s a nutritional whipping boy emphasized by those who adhere to strict Paleo diets. Phytic acid is one of the reasons some nutrition professionals warn against high consumption—or, indeed, any consumption—of grains and legumes. Also known as inositol hexaphosphate (IP6), phytic acid is the storage form of phosphorus in these plant foods. Nutritionists and dietitians who warn […]

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New study demonstrates lutein and zeaxanthin help improve cognitive function in healthy young adults

Research has demonstrated the benefits of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin on eye health, and some research had emerged on their benefits on cognition in older adults. Lutein is selectively incorporated into the macula as well as the brain. Lutein levels in the macula and the brain have been associated with better cognition. According to […]

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Do You Really Need to Eat Breakfast?

When you were growing up, Mom might have told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when you’re an adult trying to lose weight, you may not need to eat breakfast if you’re just not hungry first thing in the morning. Dieters have long been told to start the day […]

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Pot Smokers May Have Better Sex Lives

The old image of the “pothead” who’s too blissed out to make it in the bedroom may need revising. New research contends that folks who frequently indulge in marijuana actually have better sex lives. People who report daily pot use have sex more often than either occasional users or those who never touch the stuff, […]

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