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For Healthy Bones, Take Vitamin W – Weightlifting!

When we hear the phrase bone mineral density (BMD) we typically think of osteoporosis, and when we hear that, we typically think of women. More specifically, what comes to mind is the image of a frail, hunched-over elderly woman. But the loss of bone strength in older age isn’t the exclusive purview of women. While hormonal changes after menopause certainly […]

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Say goodbye to bad breath, plaque and bacteria in your mouth with just one ingredient

Sometimes, there is content that’s perfect just the way it is. In this case, we are very lucky to be collaborating with the people behind this valuable article and have been granted permission to republish it. We encourage you to visit their website at the end of this post. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method for […]

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3 Pieces of Cookware That Are as Dangerous as Teflon Pans (and the safest alternatives)

Have you ever heard the saying, a man is only as good as his tools. Well, never has that proverb been more applicable than to our modern cookware. You give supreme consideration to the foods which enter your body, yet so little attention is paid to the kitchenware that cooks it. No matter how many organic […]

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10 Signs Your Gut Is Overloaded With Toxins That Are Making You Depressed, Fat And Anxious

The gut microbiome or balance of microorganisms in the intestinal tract has been in health news very frequently lately, with links to not only digestive health, but also mood disorders, weight, skin issues, and autoimmune conditions. Unfortunately, the combination of a North American diet, overuse of antibiotics, use of anti-bacterial products, and lack of regular fermented […]

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5 Ways to Tell If Your Vitamins are Real or Fake

Some consumers do not know how to identify a natural vitamin from a synthetic one. Vitamin and mineral supplements may contain labels that are too complicated for you to understand. You may not even know what to look for in a vitamin or mineral supplement. Some manufacturers of commercial vitamin and mineral supplements add synthetics […]

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10 High-Protein Vegetables You Need to Start Eating Today

What Does Protein Do? Protein is an essential nutrient your body uses to build and repair tissues. It also plays and important role in immune function, acts as hormones and enzymes, and is involved with energy production and nearly every other process in the body. A diet high in protein will help you build lean […]

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What Happened When I Gave Up Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, And Coffee

I went on a complete detox for a month, and it changed my life so much that I decided to stick with it. Like many people, when the new year started, I felt like it was time to turn over a new leaf and undo all of the damage from the gluttony of the holiday […]

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The Fascinating Connections Between Gut Bacteria, Weight And Mood

From the research these days, it seems like there’s not much our gut bacteria don’t do. From affecting our risk for cancer to lengthening or shortening our lifespans to influencing our mental health, it feels like we’re quite at the mercy of the tiny organisms in our guts. The connection between gut bacteria and weight is one of the […]

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Researchers find that an egg a day can increase growth in young children

(Natural News) Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from eggs: Babies can as well. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis found that giving a child an egg a day greatly reduces their chances of becoming stunted or underweight. Moreover, babies as young as six months can benefit greatly from consuming an egg […]

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7 Nutrition Myths for Youth Athletes By Dr. Don Kirkendall

Many parents and players have misconceptions about nutrition. Here are seven different nutritional myths that—finally—have been exposed. Help your child become a better soccer, football or basketball player by learning how to properly fuel their body. Game Performance Isn’t Affected by What You Eat You would think this is true, from reading the scientific literature […]

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