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The brain is truly an amazing organ that takes all the credit for man’s ingenuity. From the mastery of daunting foreign languages, to the ability to solve complex problems in multi-variable physics, the brain’s ability to excite and amaze is limitless. Behind all of these amazing processes, though, are various groups of cells, closely connected […]

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Many metabolic diseases can be attributed to chronic inflammation. The effect of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, ubiquinone-10) on inflammatory markers in patients with metabolic disease has recently been evaluated. CoQ10  is a compound produced by the body and stored in the cell’s mitochondria. It not only acts as a key cofactor in the mitochondrial electron transport system, […]

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Melatonin: Coping with the Difficulties of Insomnia and Disrupted Sleep

Many a time in life when stress hormones are flying, our patients experience the unfortunate experience of insomnia and disrputed sleep. The experience of insomnia is not uncommon, with about one-third to two-thirds of adults in cross-sectional surveys describing insomnia symptoms of any severity, with 10 to 15% of individuals describing chronic insomnia which bleeds […]

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Top 5 Things to Avoid in Your Skin Care Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Once we get used to doing something a certain way, especially if it seems to work, we tend to stick with it. This can be a good thing when we’re talking about skin care. If we make it a habit to cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturize on a daily basis, […]

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8 Self-Love Strategies To Lower Your Stress Levels Naturally

De-stress, pamper and support your body through daily stresses with these holistic self-love strategies to have you feeling incredible in no time. 1. Pour Yourself A Cuppa But not just any cup of tea… Choose a calming chamomile! This soothing herbal brew has been used for centuries to create calm, settle an anxious tummy and […]

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Stress: The Health Epidemic Of The 21st Century

Do you feel like ‘stressed’ is your new normal state of being? Can you remember the last time you went to bed without a care in your mind and woke up the next morning energized and excited for the day? Our modern lives, though full of opportunity, have us anxious, stressed and exhausted, and it’s […]

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How To Turn Your Sun Salutation Into a Moving Meditation

Want to feel more mindful, peaceful and grounded?  If that’s a yes then we invite you to read on. If you don’t already know, Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskar A) is a series of yoga asanas performed in a flowing sequence and a great way to improve strength and gain flexibility of the muscles. You […]

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10 Brilliant Ways to Reduce Food Waste Daily

If you’re interested in living a low waste lifestyle, the best place to start is your kitchen. We waste food every day, but there are easy ways to lessen that impact without having to become a totally different person. Simple shifts in daily habits can make all the difference later down the line. Store your food properly […]

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The Dangers of Modern Wheat

Why is everyone going gluten-free and ditching wheat based products? It seems that every second person is allergic, intolerant or unwilling to consume wheat-based products today. It’s not just a trendy fad, there are very solid reasons behind this shift. Many are asking, what’s changed in our bodies to make us allergic to something we’ve […]

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Plastic Planet: What Can You Do About It?

How much plastic is in your house? the question in the attempt to get people to look around and take a closer inspection at how much plastic is present in their lives. It seems these days that we can’t escape it, all of our food is wrapped in it, our fibers in our clothes are […]

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