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What People Say

My boyfriend recommended Dr. Lovegrove because he knew I wasn’t happy with my ob/gyn as my hormone guide. Also, GI troubles brought me in as I started having too much gas and constipation. Doctors I’ve been to in the past from my generation tend to be too paternalistic and arrogant. LHS is different from other clinics because of Dr. L’s humility and his broad knowledge of new technology. I have now gone from estrogen dominant to fairly balanced and no longer are vitamin D or DHEA deficient. Balancing hormones are tricky, but Dr. L is devoted to keep trying until solutions are found. I believe some of this played a part in my own body healing itself of some crystallizations in one breast. I delayed a repeat mammogram until I felt I had time to heal on my own with the altered hormones from Dr. Lovegrove. End result: My last mammogram was normal. Lately, the Zypan that he put me on, may be in conjunction with the best probiotics seem to have given me the digestion of a 40 year old not a 60 year old.


I would recommend Merge Medical Center to everyone. The process works! I never felt so loved and cared for by a doctor before-not just Dr. Lovegrove but the entire staff. Dr. Lovegrove spends an hour with you, addresses all your concerns/priorities. He addresses all aspects of your life-mind, body and spirit. I have been fever free for 4 months (a miracle) and have dropped almost 50 pounds! My liver enzymes have dropped and I just feel so much better!




I wanted a different approach so I searched on the internet and found Lovegrove. While my treatment is not complete, I have been noticing improvement in the short time I’ve been there.



My little guy has already gained over 1.5 lbs since we started seeing Dr. Lovegrove. He no longer wakes up at night screaming in pain and seems to be so much more content. Thank you so much for getting his life back on track!



..so more people should get the benefit of what I like to call “real alternative medicine”(from Dr. Lovegrove). Even though I came to Dr. Lovegrove for a specific reason, “burning mouth syndrome”, you have helped me in so many other ways. Even though I just turned 70 last week, I feel 20 years younger than I did when I was 50. You have been very supportive of me, and I really appreciate that you “listen to what I have to say about what is going on with my body” . I am so happy I was able to refer my daughter-in-law to you, I told her she is in for a big life change.

Thank you again for all your help,



Over the past 6 months, I have been under the most stress in life in 20 years. Fortunately, I started with Dr. Lovegrove right before this extra stress happened. I feel that I would not have been able to meet the demands both at work and with my family if I had not been on Dr. Lovegrove’s suggested regimen. Now I have the energy and stamina to sustain me through this time and beyond.



Dr. Lovegrove saved my elbow with Prolotherapy

For the last year and a half I have suffered from pain in my right elbow. During numerous visits to various doctor’s offices the diagnoses ranged from “forearm sprain” to the much dreaded “tennis elbow.” I tried rest, ice, heat, medications, creams, massages, elbow braces, soaks, ultrasound, months of physical therapy strengthening exercises, all to no avail: the pain persisted. One of the physicians I saw even told me “there is nothing else I can do for you; you will just have to learn to live with the pain.” I refused to believe that!

Stubborn as I am I inquired about other treatments and Prolotherapy was brought to my attention. I had never heard about this so I spent several weeks researching it. I learned that it is a series of injections of a dextrose solution applied to the source(s) of the pain. The solution acts as an irritant and promotes an inflammatory reaction by the body to heal hard-to-mend areas. Since ligaments and tendons receive poor blood supply the body sometimes needs a little kick, so to say, to repair injuries in certain areas. I learned that not many physicians know of nor perform this technique but was fortunate to find Dr. Patrick Lovegrove right here in Mt Pleasant.

From the moment I met and talked with Dr. Lovegrove, I knew I was in the right place. He is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and was as determined as I was to heal this stubborn injury to my elbow. He took the time to talk to me about the pain and carefully examine the exact origin areas. After it was established where the pain originated, by palpating all areas around my elbow, Dr Lovegrove injected the dextrose solution. It was painful but I was made to feel comfortable and Dr Lovegrove explained exactly what to expect during healing. It took several visits and sets of injections to get to all the sources of pain, one of them being deep in the annular ligament, but in the end, I am finally pain free after over a year and a half!

Dr. Lovegrove also recommended supplements, stretches and massage techniques to maintain the healing process of the elbow – new cartilage continues to grow and strengthen for 6 months. With these techniques, I am able to use my elbow, and enjoy my life, without continuing pain.

Prolotherapy works. It worked for me to heal my elbow. I have learned that there are a number of conditions that it can help, such as back pain, TMJ, misdiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome, and even migraines to name a few. This community is fortunate to have a physician knowledgeable in the technique, Dr. Patrick Lovegrove, right here in Mt Pleasant. I am eternally grateful to him for not giving up and saving my elbow.

Finally, and what I find most appealing about Dr. Lovegrove’s approach, is the art of helping the body to heal itself. Our bodies are incredible, but we have forgotten this in this hectic world of fast food, fast fixes, and fast lives. When you come to Lovegrove Health Solutions, you will not just get a quick fix to an ailment, you will receive a personalized plan to promote holistic healing so that you will not need any quick fixes in the future. To me, this is invaluable! What about you?



‘Real Warrior’ Finds Path to Physical, Emotional Healing A prolotherapy success story mentioning how Dr. Lovegrove’s prolotherapy helped Stacy Pearsall, who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show about “Women in combat”


1. What brought you in to see Dr. Lovegrove?
We were working together in the same clinic as colleagues in the Air Force when he introduced Holistic Medicine to my wife and me.

2. What did he do differently? How are his services different from other Doctors?
Essentially he manages well being as opposed to illness. His approach certainly has a preventive dimension but he takes it a bit further with optimizing hormonal levels and restoring vitality. His focus is bio-psycho-social and spiritual … He doesn’t leave a stone unturned.

3. How were you helped with Dr. Lovegrove’s services?
Well, I lost over 50 lbs, decreased body/fat content, my vitality/energy increased, and I look forward to further adult maturation.

4. What/How do you feel differently now?
I feel alert, energetic, and strong. All aspects of our marriage have certainly benefited and I don’t think I need to give you and further details.

5. Would you recommend Dr. Lovegrove to a family member or friend? Why or Why not?
I have already recommended his services to a number of friends and relatives with hope that they follow through … This is one of the best investments we have made in our lives and we hope to continue until we move on where only God knows where.

Russell & Jennifer


What brought me in to see Dr. Lovegrove?

I was unusually tired for my age (48), had gained 20 lb since turning 40 despite my efforts to eat healthy and exercise and just overall felt pretty blah without any tangible reason. I initially talked with my Gynecologist provider who basically offered me anti-depressants, sleep aid and traditional HRT. I was also instructed to work out more and reduce my caloric intake to 1200 cal/day. I knew I couldn’t eat less than I already did especially with all the food cravings I had. I also knew that I couldn’t exercise anymore because I just didn’t have the energy. I had resorted to working out and then having to take a nap.

What was different about Dr. Lovegrove?:

He tried to get to the root of my symptoms instead of offering me a pill (each with its own side effects)for each one of them. He also gave me the information I needed to do my part to help myself. He’s actually the first Dr in my life that I’ve really trusted. I don’t have to second guess him and make sure he’s thinking of everything. He’s the first dr. I’ve ever had who actually is capable of taking care of my health care needs. He shares all of his treatment rationales and wants my input. I feel so much more comfortable that he uses medications as a last resort.

How are things different now?:

WOW! I’ve gone from a nap a day to running 5K. I can work out with women 20 years younger than me and still keep up. I LOVE exercise and work out now 5 days/week doing activities I never could have done before. I’ve lost that 20 lb I gained when I hit the big 4-0 and am back into a size 4. I sleep like a baby every single night. My diet has come to SO incredibly far. I now eat to feed my cells and not to feed my belly. My diet is about 80% vegetarian. I think long and hard about taking any medication even if it’s over the counter. My sex drive has quadrupled. Even after 18 years together, my husband and I are going stronger than ever…

I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have and will turn 49 this month.

Many, Many Thanks. I got my life back!!!

Melissa A.