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What is different About Merge Medical Center?

We are a Holistic Medical Clinic in the Charleston area offering alternatives to the conventional western medicine approach.  We integrate eastern and western medical philosophies in restoring the body back to its balance giving the body its correct ingredients for its restoration so that people feel better naturally.

Merge Medical Center is your gateway to next-generation medical science… a comprehensive, individualized, evidence-based approach to managing your health concerns.  Our patients count on progressive, evidence-based health solutions that are delivered by clinicians specializing in Family Medicine, Osteopathic Sports Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Holistic Nutrition, Psychology, Functional Medicine, Health Sciences and Anti-aging Medicine.

A 401K program for your Health ™

We shift the emphasis from disease-driven medicine to prevention.  First our focus is on discovery–getting real answers to patients’ specific health concerns.  Our goal is to boost the quality of our patients’ lives and increase their health span.  Our Focus is getting to the root cause of symptoms and treating them with natural solutions before disease sets in.

We Do the Detective Work

We travel far beyond the conventional approach of quick, routine exams and standardized prescriptions.  Instead, we discover the truth about our patient’s unique situation, starting with a comprehensive evaluation– an extremely thorough set of medical history taking, diagnostic testing and analysis that establishes our plan of care for our patients.

Partners in Health

Our team partners with patients to create a multi-faceted program that meets their health goals by successfully managing their current diseases or conditions as well as preventing others from occurring.  Each program is tailored to our patient’s needs and goals.  Research shows our synergistic holistic approach helps individuals restore and maintain optimal health so they live well longer.

An Ongoing Process That Gets Better and Better

Merge Medical Center keeps the health of our patients on course, tracking progress regularly, reviewing test results, discussing examinations thoroughly, and determining adjustments to their personal program along the way.  As a result, our patients feel engaged in the program and not lost in the process.  This collaboration and patient-centered approach gives our patients the best chance to achieve their short and long term goals.

Take Charge with a No Cost, No-Obligation Confidential Discussion

The medical strategies of Merge Medical Center have helped men and women in Charleston and across the country regain their health.  Schedule a free consultation to learn how we may be able to help you.

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