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Healthy Supplements and Non Toxic Products

Healthy Supplementary Products

Merge Medical Center gives you our trusted health supplement products maintaining your general health, giving immune system support, and supporting mental and sports-related performance. These include XYMOGEN (WholeScript), Wellevate, Fullscript, Standard Process, and Rejuvenation Science.

*Please note that you will also get 10% off on orders from Fullscript, Rejuvenation-Science and Wellevate, and 5% off on orders from XYMOGEN (WholeScript).

*FREE economy shipping on orders from:

Xymogen (WholeScript) – Orders over $50
Wellevate – Orders over $50
Fullscript – Orders over $50
Rejuvenation-Science  – All orders  (See explanation below)

XYMOGEN has over 25 years of experience providing supplements to healthcare practitioners. They give you the highest quality of service and product. Order online here and enjoy the 5% discount if you are a patient of Merge Medical Center.

Standard Process Mediherb is a family-owned company. They are serving for over 90 years and assuring the highest quality of supplements for all medical practitioners in the United States.

Online Dispensary Wellevate delivers brands, resources, and services supporting integrative health practitioners for more than 40 years. They provide their best aid and assistance to the patients.

Fullscript’s mission is to “push individual wellness to the center of healthcare. It’s a push that bears considerable weight.” They believe that they need to improve North America’s Healthcare System in supporting each individual in their journey to health and wellness.

Rejuvenation Science Brand Supplements offers refined supplements that are well-researched to maximize your health and and minimize causes of diesase. They are the only practitioner multivitamin to achieve a 5-Star rating in North America.

Non-Toxic Products

Non-Toxic Products simply imply that they don’t contain toxins that can endanger our health. Using these kinds of products is a smart choice. We offer Non-Toxic products that are eco-friendly and are safer for the environment.

Non-Toxic Skincare and Make-up Products

Toxic Skincare and Make-ups can harm your health. According to Medical News Today, these include cancer, developmental delays, reproductive and neurological problems or harm, and endocrine disorders, which affect the production of hormones in the body. Because we value your wellness, we are giving you a list of options on Non-Toxic Skincare and Make-up that are safer for sensitive and delicate skin. Plus it lowers the risks of skin irritation that contains healthy ingredients. Check the Non-Toxic Skincare and Make-up that you can buy at the Amazon Store. 

Non-Toxic Home and Organic Products

One of the things that you need to check if the clothes and things that you buy are free from chemicals and toxins. Make sure when you purchase, they are certified to be organic. If the fabric has a strong smell, avoid purchasing it at all costs. 

Merge Medical Center offers non-toxic clothes that are safe to wear, and non-toxic home and organic products for your bedroom and bathroom. Check the list below that can be bought at the Amazon Store.

Women's Clothing

Men's Clothing

Children's Clothing