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Weight Management

Why are Merge Medical Center Weight Management Programs Different?

We aim to correct the underlying metabolic imbalances that create weight gains in the first place. Our wide range of options are individualized to meet your specific needs and imbalances, unlike many other weight loss programs in the Charleston area which simply try to fit you into a cookie-cutter program. We help our patients lose weight, keep the weight off, and regain their metabolism using various combinations of:

  • Physician evaluation aimed at correction of any metabolic imbalances that may prevent you from feeling your best
  • Dietary plans (non-calorie and calorie-restricted) allowing you to eat your own foods, individually modified by a holistic nutritionist
  • Hormone balance and optimization
  • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Holistic Medicine concepts in Nutrition
  • Natural weight-loss supplements and herbs to reduce appetite and cravings
  • Detoxification of bowel, liver and whole body
  • HCG injections/lozenges and other metabolism enhancing injections or supplements
  • Individualized exercise program with a certified personal trainer
  • Lifestyle modification including stress management with a certified life coach

What is causing you to carry around excess weight?

Hormone imbalance Toxins overload Yeast overgrowth Busy Schedule
Nutrient deficiency Parasites Food Allergies Cooking style

The Weight Management Programs at Merge Medical Center are designed to restore optimal metabolic balance and give you the body that you desire!


Hormones play a key role in weight management. Not only do they stimulate metabolism but they also affect fat storage. Insulin, estrogen, cortisol, leptin, DHEA, testosterone, and thyroid-related hormones are the main hormones responsible for weight gain. As we age, leptin or insulin resistance becomes a greater risk factor for many people. As a result, fat gets stored in insulin-dependant areas such as the lower abdomen, under arms and under the chin. When under physical or emotional strain, the body produces more cortisol (stress hormone). If this amplified production occurs repeatedly over months, it often leads to weight gain.

Thyroid hormone function also declines as we age. Sometimes, lab results for thyroid may appear in the normal range. However, this does not mean that the thyroid’s function is optimal or the body is properly utilizing the hormones. It is also important to test for thyroid resistance.

We work with our patients to optimize and balance hormones so that they can feel better while losing weight. If natural hormone replacement therapy is needed, then Merge Medical Center uses bioidentical hormones.

Mind and Body Stressors

Stresses in your daily life can be major roadblocks on your path to weight loss. With stressful events, cortisol (the stress hormone) is released and this can add to increased fat storage in the lower abdomen (“fat tire area”). Our programs will work to correct these mind & body stressors.


Specific nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are needed to activate your hormones. For example, your body may contain an adequate amount of thyroid hormone, but without the proper amount of iodine to activate it, it will not work. Focusing attention on getting plenty of nutrients is critical for managing weight because nutrients stimulate metabolism and activates hormones. The following are nutrients are frequently identified as deficient on lab tests.

Chromium Vanadium Zinc Biotin
Iodine B-vitamins & Folate Manganese Phosphorus
Cobalt & Boron Amino Acids (i.e Tyrosine) Selenium Calcium

Carbohydrate consumption needs to be balanced with fat and protein intake in order to best manage insulin. and avoid the sugar roller coaster effect.

Carbs chart

Detox Fat Away!

Various toxins accumulate in our bodies through the environment, food, medications and other exposures as we age. These accumulations in the bowel, liver and tissues create a toxic and acidic pH environment. In addition, toxins block metabolism and lower cellular function. Combined, these effects prevent fat from being released, even with adequate exercise. Most toxins are fat soluble (stored in fat cells) and cannot be removed from the body until those fat cells are gone.

Merge Medical Center will identify the specific toxin via advanced blood, hair, or urine testing so that a customized detox is designed. Detox is needed to remove these toxins and is essential for weight loss.