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Bemer Therapy

Why choose BEMER therapy

Over 1 million users worldwide in 40+ countries

More than 4,000 doctors, clinics, spas, veterinarians and gyms worldwide

Numerous professional sports teams and athletes

5 international patents

FDA registered Medical Device

NASA approved with ongoing development to design more space applications for Astronauts.


The circulation of our blood is the engine that keeps us going.

The heart pumps blood through the main arteries, but it relies on the additional power of the autonomous pumping motion of the microvessels that composes almost 75% of your circulatory system. It is these very small vessels that reach the most remote parts of our body including on the microscopic cells in every tissue of the human body.


Necessary for your well-being

Without this microvessel track moving properly, most of our cells would be denied the nutrients required to function and they would drown in their own waste without the blood flow to cleanse them. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes. By this microvessel track, our circulatory system also distributes hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules.

And this is where BEMER devices come into play.

Bemer therapy is designed to enable increased blood flow, oxygenation, and nutrients to tissue as well as enhanced disposal of waste from cells.


Ongoing studies since 1998

In 1998, Bemer began as a leading innovator and, through groundbreaking research, were able to reach a new level in the development of this technology. Several thousand people have participated in studies and user observations and can attest to these products’ effectiveness. Bemer displays German engineering with Swiss craftsmanship at its best.


How do we benefit from better micro-circulation?

Of the 45,000 illnesses or conditions that affect humans, 80% have impaired micro-circulation as a cause or a result. The BEMER device improves microcirculation. The research has shown

that simply lying on the BEMER for 8 minutes, twice each day results in approximately 30% improvement in this critical function.

By improving microcirculation, we get more oxygen and nutrients into our cells and more waste out.


Find out how BEMER enhances:

  • General Blood Flow
  • The body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal
  • Cardiac function
  • Physical fitness, Endurance, strength and energy
  • Concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, and relaxation
  • Sleep Management

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your own physician or healthcare provider if you have any medical issues. BEMER products are wellness and fitness systems. All information is for educational purposes only.

Dr. Patrick Lovegrove is a registered Independent Bemer Distributor.


How does the device work?

It is a soft, full body mat using specialized electromagnetic energy fields that we put on a bed, floor or chair and lay ourselves on top. It is very portable and there is no heat, radiation, or noise.


How to get started

Easy to operate and just 16 minutes per day.

Using BEMER every day in combination with the sleep program is the formula for the best results. Just two 8-minute sessions per day are needed to improve your circulation. It is that easy to enhance your physical well-being. Merge Medical Center has individual or packaged sessions available here, or even device purchase options.


Learn How to buy a BEMER Product or become a BEMER Distributor:

What is the BEMER technology:

BEMER “before and after”

Learn How to buy a BEMER Product or become a BEMER Distributor: