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Which Doctors Prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Which Doctors Prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy?

By Dr. Patrick Lovegrove Medically Reviewed by Lindsay Langley, BSN, RN, CHT
Posted Monday, December 26th, 2022
Can Doctors Prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy

Doctors Prescribing Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is this hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and can doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy? Hormone replacement therapy is a hot topic in the medical community. Hormone replacement therapy is a term used to describe treatments that involve replacing, supplementing, or balancing hormones in the body—accomplished in several ways, taking hormone pellets, swallowing lozenges or pills, using patches or creams, or getting injections. Using hormone replacement therapy treats various conditions, including menopause and andropause.

If you are considering taking HRT, you will want to find a highly qualified and certified doctor to perform this therapy for you. This blog article will discuss whether or not doctors can prescribe hormone replacement therapy.

2 Types of Doctors Who Can Authorize Hormone Replacement Therapy

2 Types of Doctors Who CanCan Best AuthorizeUse Hormone Replacement Therapy

The following doctors can prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT):

Things You Need to Consider When Looking for a Doctor

When you are having symptoms of menopause, you need to see your doctor. Doctors can evaluate your health status. Here is the list you should consider when looking for a doctor to prescribe you bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

  • A medical doctor who is board certified in either family medicine or obstetrics and gynecology that directs a team that specializes in hormones
  • A practitioner  who has experience and knowledge in treating menopause or andropause
  • A practitioner who allows you to feel comfortable talking about your conditions
  • A practitioner who is not busily rushed from room to room but spends sufficient time with you listening to your concerns and explaining the plan
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