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Lindsay Langley


Lindsay Langley, BSN, RN, CHT, FMP is a third-generation nurse. Since 2005, Lindsay has gained much medical/surgical experience, most of which was at MUSC hospital. Lindsay’s holistic journey started in 2012 when she was trying to conceive her first child. When conventional approaches left her with no reason for infertility, she used her background as a nurse to research holistic interventions. She slowly integrated healthier lifestyle changes into her routine and was soon pregnant.

In 2017, Lindsay’s second child was born and began to show symptoms of eczema at 5 months old. Again, she found conventional treatment recommendations difficult to accept, so she sought ways to treat his condition naturally by healing his gut, removing common allergens, and confirming food triggers. He has progressed very well with dietary modifications, detox support, and supplementation.

Lindsay says, “I’m passionate about the digestive system because is so important. It not only provides nourishment for the entire body but it plays a huge role in the elimination of toxins. I am amazed by the power of the intestinal microbiome; which, many experts are calling an organ and the role that it plays in our health or illness. I enjoy reading medical journals and have a particular interest in GMOs and the effects they have on people and the environment.

She’s also a Colon Hydrotherapist (aka CHT) and loves it for its ability to make someone feel better almost immediately.”

As Deepak Chopra says, “The elimination of toxins awakens the capacity for renewal.”

Lindsay studied Functional Medicine at Functional Medicine University. When she’s not studying holistic/functional medicine, she loves the challenges and opportunities that come with being a wife and mother that also homeschools her 2 little ones.